Got a text from a dear friend of mine, seems someone she loves as been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. When we were finally able to connect by phone she asked a lot of good questions.  It got me thinking that addressing these questions could be helpful to individuals diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and to the people who love them.

I know this is off the subject of home businesses and being an entrepreneur however, since many people have health issues that lead them away from traditional J.O.B.’s this could be beneficial to you or someone you know.

When you suffer from Fibromyalgia a change in weather, not enough sleep, too much stress, illnesses, injuries, the way you eat, too much exercise, or not enough; all effect your body. They play a big part in your decisions of what you can and cannot do. They affect your pain tolerance, your emotions, and your ability to sleep, think, and function. This is common. Suffers can choose to not go the traditional medicine route and deal with the inevitable pain on their own or choose to take the anti-depressants routinely prescribed by physicians. Note: Be aware that anti-depressants, which are prescribed for the pain caused by inflammation, can cause depression.  There are some natural alternatives for pain. Fibromyalgia will affect every area of their life.

The greatest detriment of having Fibromyalgia is what it does to the person; who they are on the inside.  Who they are is still inside their body. What they dream of and desire to do hasn’t changed. Their body, however, refuses to cooperate. They may not be able to even walk yet they don’t look sick. When you talk to different people with Fibromyalgia you’ll find that their symptoms can vary, causing more confusion for them in the beginning, because they are not only in denial; they are often already dealing with other medical issues. To top it off their friends, family, and doctor are usually confused or in denial as well. So what can you do to support and better understand this mysterious chronic disorder?

Here are some useful ideas for you along with some helpful information. First, I’ll give you a list of possible symptoms your friend or loved one may be experiencing and a snippet about Fibromayalgia. Second, I will address some ideas of what you can do support them and finally, what they can do for themselves. I will address most of my article to friends and family who want to support the person in their life who suffers with Fibro.

*Note, not all these symptoms will apply to everyone with Fibromyalgia. Common signs and symptoms include:

Widespread Pain     Morning Stiffness     Fatigue     Vision     Nausea     Sleep Disorders     Urinary and Pelvic Problems     Weight Gain    Dizziness    Chronic Headaches    Cold Symptoms     Temperomandibular Joint Disfunction or TMJ   Multiple Chemical     Sensitivity Syndromes     “Fibrofog”: Cognitive or Memory Impairment     Skin Complaints     Chest Symptoms     Anxiety     Trouble Breathing   Depression      Muscle Twitches and Weakness     Memory Loss: Is it real?     Myofacial Pain Syndrome     Difficult (and/or heightened)  Female Issues

Reference Link to the  Fibromyalgia  Website where I obtained the above list. This is not an exhaustive list. It does, however, show how diverse Fibromyalgia can be. Although most whom suffer are female (about 80%) it also affects men. Fibromyalgia is linked to trauma and chronic stress; resulting in depleted adrenal glands. A proper diagnosis can be determined only after other possibilities are eliminated.

The following information is taken from WebMD:

“Investigators are constantly looking at various explanations for the occurrence of fibromyalgia. Some, for example, are exploring hormonal disturbances and chemical imbalances that affect nerve signaling. Other experts believe fibromyalgia with its deep muscle pain is linked to stress, illness, or trauma. Still others think there is a hereditary cause or say there is no explanation at all. But while there is no clear consensus about what causes fibromyalgia, most researchers believe fibromyalgia results not from a single event but from a combination of many physical and emotional stressors.”

 Fibromyalgia Tender Points 


This picture is taken from Health.com. Another site to check out regarding Tender Points is WebMD. Testing the Fibromyalgia Tender Points is very useful in narrowing down rather or not it is Fibromyalgia.

The most important thing you can do to support someone with Fibromyalgia is to remember who he or she was and to remember that person hasn’t changed. In addition be supportive, not judgmental, about their behavior. They may look great but they are in pain. They may forget and make, sometimes-serious mistakes that never would have happened before. These mistakes can be as simple as their failing to make a call they promised to make, missing an appointment, or forgetting to thaw meat for dinner. They can also be more serious, like a bill not getting paid; effecting your credit rating. Your response affects both of you.  Negative comments are discouraging and unproductive. I guarantee they feel helpless and confused. Once they get things figured out they may ask you to help them remember. They may go through a period of time where they seem like their old self again and you’ll both put your guard down. In time they will begin to find the pattern of how their body reacts to weather, stress, activity, sleep or the lack there of and food.

You may find you’re frustrated when they can’t keep up with you or they cancel plans because they’re adjusting to the change in the weather. Weather greatly effects their pain level. They may decide they are going to just act like nothing is wrong and end up in bed for a few days. They may decide the pain is too much so they are going to give up and not try. You may become confused when they aren’t producing results, the house is messy, work isn’t getting done, or they act spacey unable to finish a thought or even almost black out (I call it graying out). They may not be able to spell or perhaps they stutter. To add to the confusion this can change in a time period as short as a conversation.

Loving and caring belief in them is key to their “growing through” the new lifestyle they are being pushed into.  Encouraging them with understanding words, while being aware not to use belittling words and comments, which are always counterproductive. Helping with heavy dishes or taking over jobs that they once did, without having to be asked, will give them a sense of your caring and will give them hope and a belief that they don’t have to do this on their own.

The basic areas of their life that will, in my opinion, need to be addressed first and foremost are: Nutrition and Exercise, Pain Management, Stress Reduction and Management, as well as Learning to Accept and Emotionally Adjust to being the new you.

  • Nutrition and Exercise: I recommend looking into Raw Food and Macrobiotic diets. Think healthy! What will work for each individual will depend on them and their symptoms. This link will take you to a great article by Colette Bouchez, continue to click to the next page on this site for tips on what foods to avoid. Here are some Do’s and Don’t’s: Do’s–Low saturated fat, lean meats, and poultry and a diet high in the fresh fruits and vegetables.  Don’t’s–Artificial foods and additives, sugars, caffeine, yeast and gluten, night shade plants. Nutritionist Samantha Heller, MS, RD says, “When your body is healthier overall,” says Heller, “you may be better able to cope with any disease, and better able to respond to even small changes you make.”  Walking, aqua aerobics, and stretching are very good modes of exercise for someone with Fibromyalgia. Exercising will help you. Find a balance though. Overdoing can put you in bed. Wendi Pett is a fitness expert and coach.  She challenges everyone, “If I told you that by using your own body’s resistance alone, you can build the body of your dreams, would you believe me? You can drastically improve your strength, flexibility and endurance without ever taking another trip to the gym! No matter how busy your schedule is, I’ve taken away all your excuses with my simple, yet highly effective Visibly Fit technique. I’m so excited to help you meet your fitness goals!”
  • Pain Management: Kent Holtorf, MD, is the medical director of the Holtorf Medical Group Center for Endocrine, Neurological and Infection Related Illness in Torrance, California. He says, “A high potency vitamin supplement as well as supplements containing omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids — which are also found in foods such as fish oil, flax seed, walnuts, some fortified cereals, and eggs — are the “good fats” that have been shown to have an impact on inflammation.” Click on this link for more ways to help with pain. This link is an excellent source. Massage therapy and chiropractic care along with heat and ice treatments have been known to increase productivity while decreasing pain levels. Many alternative care providers specialize in or are aware of Fibromyalgia. Acupuncture is also recommended and is worth looking into.
  • Stress Reduction and Management: Often easier said than done this step is crucial. We are not always able to reduce our stress load; so we must manage ourselves within time. Block schedules are beneficial as they allow us to see spaces of time where we can schedule relaxing or quiet moments. Reading, soft music, mineral, sea salt or Epson salt baths, a walk, a drive, or even a good movie (one that is not loud or upsetting). Family support with this step will have a huge impact on rather or not they will succeed. Even if they are determined to try, if you believe they are being lazy or lead them to believe their breaks are unacceptable it will only increase their stress; exasperating their Fibromyalgia.
  • Learning to Accept and Emotionally Adjust: Accepting Fibromyalgia only comes after facing the fact that you have it. There are the usual steps of denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and finally acceptance. These steps are natural for both the one who has Fibromyalgia and the people who love them. How difficult it is to go through each step and grow beyond them will depend on your personal makeup. How we look at life and what we believe about what life brings our way. Are we someone who acts or reacts to life’s challenges? It is normal to vacillate between stages as you move forward; the only real danger is if you become stagnant.

The person suffering from Fibromyalgia will not be able to get away from their new world. On the other hand, if someone you love is living this new reality you have the option of turning your back on him or her or lovingly supporting and believing in them. You have the opportunity to “be there” while they try to figure out who they are in the midst of their own confusion. Be truly present. Don’t forget what they use to be able to do. Find ways to help them take what they already love and know and turn it into something new, for example, someone who was once an athlete could become a coach.

In closing, I would like to ask you to think of every human, every man, woman, and child as a multi-faceted diamond. As you view this diamond from one side you see specific colors; blues, gold, lavender. As the light changes you see different colors. Aqua and sea foam green.  Now imagine your disappointment if the light moved and the colors in the diamond fades, appearing dull. Fibromyalgia changes what you see (mostly in regards to their physical abilities), but it does not change the potential of the diamond to shine, even glisten. Turning the diamond can bring you a whole new perspective causing it to not only glow but to glisten. You may find a new respect and a greater love for the one who suffers from this painful, debilitating, and misunderstood disorder than you ever imagined. Be willing to open your eyes and remember who they were, while allowing them to become a new version of themselves.

 I am not a doctor nor am I trained in medicine. This article is based on information I have read and researched, and my observations. It is not intended to be medical advise. Please seek the advice of a medical provider (preferably one that is familiar with Fibromyalgia or better yet, find someone who believes alternative medicine is a viable option) for positive steps toward taking back control of your health or guiding someone you love.


A question worthy of asking is:  How Do I Balance My Life With A Family And A HomeBased Business? Rather you are already work from home or are considering a home-based business let me shed some light this subject.

Commitment will see you through. When you bring home a pet, a dog or cat, for instance, you are committing to about 15 years of caring for your new friend.

What about marriage? Realistically I know this doesn’t mean what it use to, but, the idea is to carry through with what you said you would do, even after the feeling that caused you to say “I do”, has gone. Feelings of love will rise and fall but commitment is forever. A knowledge that your feelings are not as trustworthy as your original commitment.

What about Family? The decision to have children rather by birth or adoption is commitment to take another life into your own and be part of shaping it, loving. and nurturing it.

So how does this relate to balance in family life and a home business? Quite a lot actually. You are in a marriage, you may have one, two, or more children. You have found a business you would like to invest in or have started one which you believe will change your life and the lives of the individuals that make up your family. What is going to make you stick with this business? Commitment.

Believing in yourself and your dream even when no one else does. Having a the “stick to it” attitude that is anchored in a growth mindset, a deep rooted  integrity, and a strong desire to succeed based on your personal “why”.

Balance is only possible when you consider all areas of your life. If you find that any area of your life is out of balance you must work to bring it into balance. Consider these areas:

  • Health: Are you aware of your bodies needs and do you address them
  • Emotional Wellness: Are you healed? Happy? Fulfilled?
  • Business: Are you taking action and keeping records? More Action=more results
  • Finance: Are your finances a mess? Do they depress you? Do you have a plan?
  • Love relationships: Are you happy? Are they?
  • Other relationships: How are you reaching out? Growing?
  • Spirituality: We are spiritual beings. This area must be balanced to find true joy and peace in other areas of your life.

As humans we will always need to grow and work on all these areas. Through educating yourself, personal development, soul searching, dreaming, creating, exploring, trial and error you will grow. It is through the effort you put into this “growth” that will help you find more contentment and peace bringing you the  freedom you are seeking.

Let’s talk about Social Media Spamming.  How often do you connect with someone, only to receive a “Come and Get It”, “Today Only”, You Know You Want Me…I Have ALL The Answers”, “Let ME Sell You Something Everyone Else Is Trying To Sell You Too?” The irony is these “spammers” may never see this article or articles like it and they are the very people who need it. Recently, I met a talented photographer on LinkedIn and we began to communicate. I was sincerely impressed with his photographs and said so. He wrote back a sincere thank you and asked if there was anything he could do to help me. Wow! Perhaps I shouldn’t be so shocked (and I am) but it is rare. It shouldn’t be. So what canwe do with social media to be effective and still be genuine? Let’s establish what social media is first. Then we will talk about what you can do to connect with people. According to Dictionary.com, as I have broken it down here, the definition(s) of  Social Media below will help you go deeper into the way to connect with people and why you should avoid spam. There is a lot of human psychology spammers are oblivious of. The word social means:

  1. pertaining to, devoted to, or characterized by friendly companionship or relations: a social club.
  2. seeking or enjoying the companionship  of others;  friendly; sociable;  gregarious.

Media, on the other hand, means:

  1. the means of communication, such as radio and television,  newspapers, and magazines, that reach or influence people widely.
Here is an amplified definition of Social Media; ala Jo:  A means by which people who are devoted to building relationships and are characterized by friendly interactions, communicate with people on such mediums as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Through these friendly interactions they connect with,  reach, and influence people widely. Let’s breakdown my new version of the definition of  Social Media.
  • Devoted–dedication and a loyalty to
  • Building relationships–builders start with a foundation and a frame long before they ask you to buy
  • Characterized–this is how people really see you
  • Friendly interactions–there is back and forth reciprocal action which will effect or influence your results. If you are genuine and you truly express goodwill you will build a foundation of trust based on a knowledge of those you interact with.
  • Communicate–an exchanging of  thoughts, feelings,  information, etc through writing and speaking
  • Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn–Social Media sites designed to provide a means to communicate with friends, family, and/or like minded individuals, including those in or looking for a business, service, or product.
  • Connect–it is the establishing of communications between two or more individuals. It is the joining, binding, or uniting of these people. It can be mental or emotional
  • Reach–to establish communication. To succeed in making contact with someone or a group of individuals, touching and influencing them.
  • Influencing–one of our greatest powers as humans. The ability to effect behavior, to move others to take actions, and to change opinions. (Note: One of my favorite lines from a movie comes from Spiderman’s Uncle Ben, “With great power comes great responsibility”.)
  • Widely–I added this word to encourage you. As you apply this new definition for Social Media (and make it your own) you will indeed reach many people and if you heed Uncle Ben’s words you will have the power to influence many, in a positive and truly fulfilling way.
 The Social Media platforms we are using truly have potential benefits. There are many things to consider when choosing this medium. For example, Facebook is big. With over 650,000,000 members it has become the new Google to many entrepreneurs. But remember it’s birth as a social gathering of friends before you think that you are destined to make it big on Facebook. LinkedIn is meant to leave the friends and family idea behind. Business owners and like-minded individuals gather and converse on a level that can be friendly yet is more business related by nature. So rather you Tweet on Twitter, post on Facebook, or converse on LinkedIn you need to be aware of your goal and the goals of those you interact with if you are going to see a positive outcome.
Most importantly remember to down play the “ME”dia in Social Media and strive to discover who the people are that you are connecting with. By now you see the value in the new definition of Social Media. By now you know how to avoid spamming. And if you by now know you desire to be in a new breed of entrepreneurs please leave a comment and join me on Facebook.

Are you aware that being overwhelmed can be a good thing? Can you imagine living a life of underwhelm? How do you manage yourself in time? Naturally, this will determine if your overwhelm is positive or negative. None of us desire to be miserable, unable to think, and unproductive. Before we go any further let me explain what being overwhelmed and loving it looks like.

Imagine realizing your dream to be in an entrepreneurial lifestyle as CEO of a company with unlimited potential. Obviously, you’re busy.  As your company grows you naturally find times where you are overwhelmed. You are learning, teaching, growing, stretching, and you discover in middle of the process that you are barely keeping up with it all. Are you aware that your plate is overflowing? Certainly! Are you loving the events, mingling with other like-minded people, and time freedom? Absolutely!

You are overwhelmed and loving it!

Any learning growing experience will have periods of time where you are overwhelmed. Naturally; it’s part of the process. By now you wondering what this means. Where am I taking you? First, I truly want you to commit to the journey. Accept the process. In fact, love it. As you read this, you will start to understand that you can see this through. You can smile at an overloaded day. When the phone rings or you check your email, do you assume that it is money coming in? Your bank balance will reflect your belief about you, money, and your company.

Now, if you are overwhelmed and unproductive, step back and evaluate what is really getting in the way of your success. Chances are good; it’s you. Are you disciplined? What is your skill level? How much knowledge do you have about your product? Where can you take practical steps of action that will truly help you to produce? Make a commitment to carefully read and think about these questions.

Finally, lets go a step further. Write out your thoughts about where you want to go in your life. What you want your life to look like. Jim Rohn said his mentor told him to make lists of goals, deciding:

  • Who do you want to meet?
  • What books do you want to read?
  • What places do you want to see? Travel to?
  • What experiences do you want to have?
  • What education do you want your family to have?

Check off each item as it is accomplished. When you realize a big goal; celebrate.

Practice becoming more disciplined. Plan to improve your skills and act upon that plan. Be trainable, learn, and then teach others. Go on to inspire others to follow in your well placed footsteps.

I am committed to your success. Usually, by now, you are truly looking to move forward, to sow seeds of balance and wealth. Look for me on facebook. Connect with me and tell me who you are and that you would like my FREE action kit: Family PACT. Let me help you reap an overwhelming bounty of prosperity. Let’s leave a legacy.

When I was a childbirth educator I use to tell women to listen to their bodies and learn about their fears. I taught that if they learned about what they were afraid of, they could eliminate the fear.  What, as an entrepreneur, are you afraid of? What is holding you back? What do you need to breakthrough to become more confident so you can make more sales for your home business?

If you are terrified of the phone what are you communicating to those you call? Are you even making calls? What are you saying to yourself about the phone? There was a time in my life when I felt the phone was an  inconvenience.  Imagine if I still felt that way.  My phone ringing is money coming in. That is certainly not an inconvenience.

What we think about we bring about. What are you saying to yourself? I confess as I have been studying mindset I have discovered that although I like talking to prospects on the phone I still have a lot of little comments I make to myself and to my kids that are negative and thus are delaying my progress. Listen to this, when my kids try to give me a line (ie pull one over on mom) I use to say, “I just look stupid.” Sometimes I would add a silly face and then we would get down to the truth of what they were really getting at. Now on the outset this may not sound real bad, but it is. Negatives are negatives. Period. Your left brain believes whatever you tell it.

I  have been through a training program with Michael Bernoff,  http://mikebernoff.com , he teaches a very simple concept. If you are not doing anything because of fear, laziness, overwhelm, etc then you are stagnant. It would be better to do one small thing than nothing at all. Right???!!! If you keep doing small things would you be moving forward?  It makes great sense.

To progress in the area of thinking you could read a lot of self development books, get on a lot of training calls, go to a lot of events, talk a great story to everyone, but if aren’t acting upon what learn, you are out of balance in your growth. So how does this fit into your growing more confidence?

*Let me encourage you to figure out where your fears are. It could be the phone, talking one on one, speaking to large groups, having to share your business compensation plan, or using the internet for example. Whatever it is (even more than one thing) write it down. Look at it objectively. Ask people who are making more money than you what they are doing in the area you are weak at or fear. Write out ONE thing to do and then just do it. Avoid all distractions (ie emails, social media, etc) until you do it. Reward yourself by allowing yourself a half hour to read a book or take a hot bath. These rewards are good for you but will still give you a “I did it” feeling. Then do it again. Baby steps are steps. The more you take the further you go.

*Put up encouraging pictures and quotes where you will see them. Read them.

*Do read–

Encouraging personal development books:

What To Say When You Talk To Your Self by Shad Helmstetter, Ph.D.

The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

Books that help you map out your road to freedom:

Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Marketing for Solos by Jeanna Pool

Inspirational Books:

Twelve Pillars by Jim Rohn and Chris Widener

The Traveler’s Gift by Andy Andrews

*Join a Toastmasters (or something similar). You will grow both in your confidence but also in your relationships.

* Educate yourself on the subject of your fear. If for example it is talking about your compensation plan then learn it inside out. Talk to someone you feel safe with, such as a team member or friend. Let them know what you are seeking to do. Feel your fear melt away with your growing knowledge.

*Finally, take consistent action. The Slight Edge talks about every action you take or do not take has an effect. You may not see immediate results. Do not deceive yourself, like ripples in water after a stone is thrown, you have started something. Consistency is all you need to make your efforts gain momentum. 90% of a rockets fuel is used to take off. Most of the time it is off course and must constantly being redirected. Ready, Fire, Aim.

So if — “What we think about expands.” Marc Allen, let’s think about positive change and moving forward using consistency, while taking ever growing steps of actions that are based on educating ourselves in areas we are lacking confidence. This will lead to more momentum and that will lead to greater confidence and success.

As an entrepreneur with a busy lifestyle, you require good nourishing meals. Alas,  boxes and frozen foods can’t compete with real homemade food but they require, well, time.  You can throw a roast or chicken in the oven, grab a loaf of French bread, and open a package of prewashed green lettuce for a salad, but that gets boring even if you love meat.

You can try a jar of organic spaghetti sauce with spaghetti noodles and a salad or make quick burritos. Do I hear, “Again” anyone? Although my youngest would eat either these with or without her other favorite, mashed potatoes (from scratch, of course) anytime of the day and everyday of the week. Most of us don’t really mind different food for dinner. A change would be nice, but we are already overwhelmed. Entrepreneurial families have it tough. Most of us start out while still working a J.O.B. and our home-based business. As an entrepreneur with a busy lifestyle, you require good nourishing meals.Time and nutrition are difficult to balance. There are some options though.

So what’s for dinner, you may ask? Check out last nights success. I tweaked an old recipe from Nikki and David Goldbeck’s American Wholefoods Cuisine. I found this little treasure in an used bookstore when I lived in Tucson, AZ. As usual I made changes. The Spaghetti with Zucchini Sauce has no zucchini. Oh well, you’ll get use to my way of cooking and you may end up relaxing and letting go, too.  So here you go…..

Spaghetti and Creamy Vegetable Sauce

1 pound spaghetti (I use white organic and whole wheat together, nice effect more fiber)

olive oil/butter (about 4 T. total)

2 large garlic clove, minced

1/2 a white onion,  slice thin

4 large green onions (scallions), green part cut into 1″ pieces, white scallion part sliced thin

1 each large green and red pepper, slivered

4 medium tomatoes, diced

2 teaspoons basil (dried)

1/3 cup parsley (dried)

4 eggs

1 teaspoon nutmeg

pepper to taste

1 cup grated provolone cheese ( I actually used mozzarella because that’s what I had in the house, but I would have preferred provolone) C’est la vie

Prepare hot water for pasta, when it comes to a boil turn on low or off until your vegetables are ready to be cooked. You’ll be cooking the pasta and the sauce at the same time.

Once all of the ingredients are prepared heat olive oil/butter in a large skillet. Start pasta now. *Saute  garlic, onions, scallions, and peppers for about 3 minutes until lightly colored.  Now add tomatoes,  the 1″ slices of the green onion, basil, and parsley. Cook, uncovered, about 5 minutes until softened.

Beat eggs. Remove vegetables from heat and stir in eggs, nutmeg, pepper, and cheeses. Stir to melt. Return to low heat for a few minutes and stir until sauce is soft and creamy.

When the pasta is al dente, (to your liking), drain and transfer to a serving bowl. Spoon sauce over pasta or serve separately.

Serves 6-8                                                                               Prep time:  about 1 hour                                                             Major Protein

Note: *I actually started by sauteing 8 oz. sliced white organic mushrooms first, I set them aside until the tomatoes are done and then I sauteed the garlic, etc. This takes a little longer but I like mushrooms to have their own flavor unless I am using wine.


Well, there you go. Hope you and your family enjoys.  I know it’s hard to remember to take care of you. After all, how are you going to become amazing and productive if you have no energy???

Please leave a comment. Thanks and Bon Appetit.




If you are not aware of the gross spending of government officials at all levels and all parties, you have your head in the sand. If you aren’t concerned about the  economic crisis building across the world you need to check your pulse. I will for the sake of expedience assume that you are aware and that you are looking for a solution to your economic troubles.  That you are seeking to learn how to protect yourself and your family and loved ones. What does this have to do with an Entrepreneur’s Home-based Business Toolkit? Everything actually. Without a good toolkit you won’t make it in your business. Most businesses fail! Fact. Most people fail to pro-actively prepare both themselves and their businesses. In a home business you will need to make decision that will greatly affect the outcome of your business and your future.

Ask yourself these questions. Seriously consider each answer:

  • Is this going to be a ‘real’ business or a hobby?
  • What kind of a budget will I have to maintain marketing and business expenses such as training, events, and office supplies.
  • Will I marketing online and/or will I work the ground game?
  • What kind of tax deductions can I legally use and how?
  • Should I become an LLC (limited liability company)?
  • Do I have the basic equipment and space for an office or the funds to invest in what I deem necessary to start this business?
  • What kind of time can I devote to my business?
  • Why am I seeking to do this business?
  • Am I prepared emotionally for success?

Real business It isn’t unusual for someone to decide they want to work from their home, only to find that if they’re going to make serious money they are going to need to change the way they look at their business. They will need to dramatically change their lifestyle, schedule, habits, etc. Yes, I did say dramatically. If your dream is true freedom (in family, health, and wealth) your business will require time and money. More now; less later. If you just want to make a few hundred extra, that is completely different. Serious money takes serious action. Massive money takes massive action. The great thing is YOU get to make the choice and there’s no wrong choice.

Budget Take an overview of your finances. If you don’t have a family budget you will still require a budget for your business. How much will be earmarked for business each month. Will you be attending events? What kind of marketing will you be doing? Estimate the amount of money you will use each month. You’ll change the amount as you grow. Will you have a credit card set aside just for business? A separate checking accounting for business will be necessary. If all of this seems a bit daunting. Relax. Ask others you trust for advice. Beware of the naysayers though. Ask people who are entrepreneurs and who make the kind of money you are seeking to make.

Online or off line marketing If you are going to do business in the new economy you better make friends with your computer. However, don’t forget the power and very real market of one on one’s. The ground game is viable and alive. It always has been and always will be. I highly recommend you start where you feel you will find success fastest. The faster you are successful the greater your confidence level. Whatever vehicle you choose on your roadtrip to freedom it should have all the necessary maps (training) you will need. You do need to have a plan. If your vehicle has good leadership. Follow the leader and don’t try to re-invent the wheel.

Tax deduction and your business I was recently introduce to the Sandy Botkin of the Tax Reduction Institute www.taxreductioninstitute.com/ and his wonderful Spending Tracker Plus. The Spending Tracker + helps keep track of your expenses either in a journal or with your phone. This company provides training, tools, and other valuable  information for the novice or experienced business owner. This is an A-1 company.

Limited Liability Company This is VERY big subject. Too big to go into in this article. I can however steer you toward Nevada Corporate Planners  http://www.nvinc.com/.  Scott Letouneau and his staff are knowledgeable and professional.

You need your space I am not suggesting that you have to buy a bigger house or add on to the one you have. I am letting you know that the more privacy you have, the more productive you will be. Believe me, I know from personal experience how difficult it is to be productive without it. As I am writing this I am listening to my younger four chatting and playing as my office is located next to the kitchen and dining room. Most of the time I create while the kids are at school.  Can you still produce in this environment? Yes. You will need a big ‘why’ and a lot of focus though. Figure out not only where your office will be, but what equipment you’ll need. Phone, laptop and/or computer with printer/fax, desk, a comfortable chair, router, filing system, etc.

Time as you friend Learn to manage yourself in time. We all get 24 hrs. each day. Block out what you have to do each day. For instance, Each day I’m up by 5:30 ready for action. By 6:15 kids are up and getting ready for school. By 8:45 three are at school and I have listened to my companies morning “CHARGE” call. This is an everyday thing. So I block it out. By nine, business is open. I also block out the driving time to get my sixteen year old to and from her classes. She does independent work because she likes the freedom. All that being said once you have block out your daily must do’s you’ll see an open space of time you can dedicate to your home-business. This becomes your business hours. Don’t forget shopping, laundry, yardwork, etc. Take action with the time left. Focus is crucial, as is planning. Beware of paralysis of analysis and getting ready to get ready. Make a plan and then act. Action. Action. Action.

WHY Knowing your ‘why’ is the most important piece of self-knowledge you possess. Your ‘why’ may be as simple as a great desire to travel and have more time for fun. It may be that you long to spend more time with your family. It may be you long to support a cause such working to stop child slavery. Freedom. Real freedom. Whatever your ‘why’ you must know it! This piece of knowledge must be big enough to get you through discouraging times. You must be so full of passion for your ‘why’ that nothing will get in your way. Even you.

You This leads me to you. Your emotional preparedness is an absolute. Fact. People who win the lottery, become great movie stars, or play national sports wind up broke, on drugs,  on our negative news channels and ‘give me all the dirt’ publications unless they are knowledgeable about money and about who they are. Personal development and living a grateful giving life will set you apart and strengthen you for long-term success as an entrepreneur.

These are the home-based business tools that are required for your success. Preparedness, a willingness to change and grow, and a passionate ‘why’ are key to prosperity on your roadtrip to freedom.